The Emma Moseley Band - Face South  

The Emma Moseley Band is a Southern Rock unit out of Saint Augustine Florida. There aren't a lot of female singers in rock there that have what Emma does, which is a kickass set of pipes, lots of attitude and a great sense of lyrics. We saw the live show at South by South West, and they handled it very well in spite of having issues thrown at them last minute. What got my attention was this first CD, arriving in the mailbox like some sort of X-File. Face South. catchy title, and has equally interesting songs. For three musicians and a vocalist, this band fills very well, and still does it in a unique style. Some would attribute to ex Puddle of Mudd bassist Sean Sammon, who also contributes to writing, but is one of the better bass players I've heard. Mostly bass players don't fill, but Sean can do it well. Bobby Turner handles great guitar chops, and Freddie Heater beats the kit. So lets' Face South-And see what love has to do with it.

25- First track -A great tune about what happens when love makes a mistake and goes running back to what was home... even if home wasn't ideal. (he's a soul I could not bear to see, but I could use a little company...)

Off the Chin - Off the Chin, the drugs, the battered the bruised, Yea here we go's to the ones who lose. Ever been here? I know you have. Sometimes comfort is more than logic...

Fishes - This song creeps in a slow cadence with some cool back masking effects used in a haunting way. She implores "Don't feed me to the fishes till I'm done, and she is the prize and the offering... Could this be about a mob relationship?

Salt-  infectious groove, with a great wandering guitar in the back and kick chords up front - "Bleed for me baby, jump if I say go.. Never follow, never listen to what I got to show... "

Deja-Vu- They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. They also say familiarity breeds contempt. Emma sings "You're a record on repeat, and predictable solution to the norm, you're a shoe with no feet, you're doomed to conform-" Maybe separate vacations this year? ...

Sugar Coated Memories- She's waiting in the wings with a lot in mind... and wants to know about yours, cause she's really a girl in waiting.. on you.

Better Words- This is one of my favorites. If you listen you will think it is the title track as Emma forcefully sings "Face SOUTH when you're talking to me, for lack of better words, I'm setting you free, shut your mouth! if you're talking to me... better words, better words... The song comes across with a great urgency, all is over and done. Welcome to her land of waste, she's fallen from grace but its home to you now...

Scarlett - This song has an urgency based in a type of insanity - and really good blues. It all sneaks up to present the inside of a mind that wants in desperately...Nice guitar work, just as eerie as the lyrics.

Soap Box - Breakup! Go on and take my pieces with you, Soapbox is upbeat and is pure pop - You gotta love it when Emma hits the bridge the band gets really intense

Fallen Soldier - This is a bonus track and also one of my favorites. I can't do it justice but its bridge is- I am a fallen soldier, I served my country which was my family's sacrifice.  My name is listed with the others, husbands, wives, sons and daughters who fought for your freedom; it came with the same price.... This song is a high note for Face South, and one sorely needed what all you hear about are how people in Michigan dance on the Flag.

- Chris Br